Monday, July 20, 2009

Coney Island baby

Hi! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I went to the Coney Island Aquarium for the first time and loved it! We walked along the boardwalk eating chocolate and vanilla twist softserve and people watching. Sirenfest was going on and Built to Spill played while fireworks went off. It was the best summer day - especially considering it was the first weekend here that actually felt like summer!

Beard Papa

the only lil guy who stayed still long enough to not come out blurry!

Wonder wheel and boardwalk


these have to be the coolest sea creatures

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free People Contest

Free People recently had a Fashion Illustration contest that I entered and the results were really awesome. Here's the winning entry and a few other great illustrations-I think almost everyone went with the purple dress- check them all out on Flickr.

Kathryn Rodgers- the winner, check out her blog, Paper Fashion - she's even illustrated Susie Bubble, who I am a HUGE fan of!

Kristine Fernandez

Sonni Aun

Elizabeth Savanella

Lucy Chiu

Kat Catanakis

Miozotis Moloon

Inky play

A few weeks ago our class was asking illustrator Brian Floca what materials he used and he talked about Japanese nibs. I've always been curious and when another student tried them out for her final project with nice results I was encouraged. I love the thick and thin flow-y lines you get, but it's definitely harder to use than a pen and sporadically the metal scratches, ink erupts and creates sprinkles on the page. Lovely.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back in Action!

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful long weekend and 4th of July! And the weather here is nice again!! I can't believe it! I am done moving and just trying to put everything all together and fit all my stuff in a much smaller space. Last week I finished an amazing class at SVA, and Allyn Howard, who created a story about a dog named Floaty, just wrote about it and the course on her blog, Blipadee; she does such a great job I won't even try to recap!

Allyn Howard's aerial view of Floaty's world

Rachael Cole taught the course and was inspiring and honest about the industry, book process, and class work. Her own illustrations are beautiful and graphic, and her silk screened village pillows are covetable- I wish I could afford them!
Photo via Rachel Cole's website
I learned so much in the 5 weeks and got my book dummy going in the direction I want it to, so I can *finally* complete it soon! Bye!