Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moleskine fiend

I never really understood why this brand of seemingly regular notebooks has such a cult following. But then I saw this video by Juan Berrio and was completely inspired, and started searching for other Moleskine using artists...of which there are many, many, and even more many. You must, MUST take a look at the video- it is just incredible.

I found a new favorite illustrator, Badaude, and fell in love with her hand done typography, fashion musings and illustrations, and fantastic scenes of Paris. J'adore her!!

Moleskine page from Illehell, on Flickr....the set is an a-z of cities worldwide, but I had to post my hometown, Houston!

This is a set of 3 Moleskines I bought for me and my two friends so I would finally have a sketch book to use in the subway, and because they are so wonderful and thoughtful, that I owed them some pen pal love. The girl in the top left corner I drew from a Depression era photo found in the Library of Congress's Flickr photostream. Best resource ever. I drew the Alexander McQueen dress for Jen, who was also a huge fan, and finally, a sun bear lamp/upholstered living room scene with a Daughter Earth wall hanging for Katy, of Daughter Earth. That may sound weird, but read her blog, and you'll understand. I'm off to finish my drawings for the invites...and start filling up pages of round cornered inspiration!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Illuminated Invitations part deux

Okay, so my wonderful, fantastic graphic designer friend has kindly offered to LETTERPRESS our wedding invites. How amazing is that?? When you cost them out at other places they are often around 8.00 PER CARD!!! Needless to say, I'm excited...but everything has to be done this weekend because he's printing next Saturday, so that's what I'm doing! There's snow piled a foot high, but I really need to trek back up to take reference pics of the building. Here's the final inspiration rough sketch of the Society of Illustrator's building, and the tall skinny envelopes from my favorite stationery store, Paper Presentation, though I haven't decide on grey or kraft paper yet. At the top left are the Love stamps I'm using beautifully designed by Jeanne Greco.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Illuminated Invitations

This is in no way turning into a wedding blog, but I have been on a quest for great inspiration for my wedding invites, which of course I want to illustrate myself, hence the posting. I already showed the save the date, but wanted something different for the invites and have searched high and low for ideas.

First, I was really into the idea of a comic book theme.

I was obsessed with this comic book cover style design from D.I.Y. Union

and this one from Lollipop Events and Designs-where the bride's ring is a diamond Hello Kitty!!

But also loved the sweet simplicity of black and white lettering and kraft paper of this letter pressed couple via Oh So Beautiful Paper

and of course all the wonderful Rifle Paper invitations; especially that the designs of their whole sets work together perfectly....

and was also drawn to the intricate line work of this gorgeous hand carved and printed set via Tugboat Printshop

But ultimately, this board I put together was the final inspiration piece I went off of to design the invites. It will definitely be a black and white crosshatching type style drawing of the Society of Illustrators where the wedding will occur. I liked the idea of us on it, but we decided simpler was better. I can always draw us in front of the building on the RSVP or for the guest book. (yay, more projects!!) I still don't know whether to add the one color pop of their iconic red door, it doesn't go with the palette of anything else; I'm not all "wedding colors!!", but they have to all make sense together, you know? Although it is so trendy right now, I just love the look of kraft paper and think the envelopes may be made of that...
From left corner: Incredible building illustration by Al lorenz via Society of Illustrators ; Shu Okada's people have a very sweet vintage Joan Walsh Anglund feel; The awesome hand drawn napkin invites were done for a contest on 100 layer cake by Bryn; Picture I drew of Matt in front of the Rosenbach Museum in Philly; Wedding paper set with library building and bookmark; Letterpressed Golden Gate bridge invite; My drawing of a 2 of hearts couple

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News and updates and whatnot

Well first, I've been working on my portfolio, trying to get more sequential images in there and all. Here's one from a series I've been working on about a girl and her mom.

Lynsey Hirth - click to enlarge

I guess my biggest news, though, is that I recently got engaged and am now planning the wedding, which, knock on wood, has been great so far. I made these save the dates that said,
"Don't be sketchy, save the date!" Yes, there's a bit of an art theme to the wedding...but not overly cheesy...hopefully I can restrain myself. I'll be posting my ideas for the invites soon...I can't decide on what to go with!

Lynsey Hirth
I am also terribly upset over the loss of Alexander McQueen. His work was a huge inspiration to me since design school, and I've seen his garments in person and been blown away by the craftsmanship. These are a few of my favorite fashion illustrations inspired by his designs:

Beautiful jester drawing by Kuanth

Gorgeous twin dresses by Sandra Suy

An ethereal McQueen dream sequence via Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre

and of course, the adorable Fifi Lapin in her British best
My favorite ever look of McQueen's, from Spring 2005, hat by Philip Treacy, that I will try and draw very soon.