Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sea Jane take over the fashion world

Recently I started reading a little blog (ha!) called Sea of Shoes and Jane, the 17 year old blogger, is by far the coolest high schooler, um, ever. Suddenly she's everywhere- from Vogue to a collaboration with Urban Outfitters. Why am I obsessed? First she's from Texas :) Second, she loves Tokyo and takes amazing photos so I can drool until I can finally go for myself one day, and thirdly for the absolutely gorgeous clothing pornography that flows from her site daily! Jane has my dream closet and I love how she puts things together. The pics of her walking down a random gravel-ly road in Texas in a black cocoon top and 5" Marni's made me laugh out loud because, really, people must stare at her with gaping mouths, this girl sticks out so much there! Two of my favorite fashion illustrator's have drawn her....maybe I should try next....

Igor + Andre

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  1. Wow! never seen her blog, but appears to be very popular!! No wonder you're obsessed, her shoes alone cause much envy!!! Far cry from anyone i knew in high school ;)