Wednesday, October 14, 2009

California Love

We're leaving in 2 days for a much need vacation, flying into LA and driving up the lovely PCH1 to San Fransisco. (This also explains the lack of posting- planning takes lots of browsing every website in every city, nook and cranny being visited!) I am SO excited for the following.....
Eating at, and viewing the current art installation at above Royal T cafe, unfortunately missing this Hello Kitty 35th bday exhibit by 3 days!!!!

It makes me and hello kitty cry....

my photo of Tom Sachs sculpture in NY

pic via Lance Bangs, from We Love You So
Seeing Where the Wild Things Are!!!!!! I am an enormous Maurice Sendak fan, not to mention Jonze, and got to see both speak at the MoMA about the film and see the debut of Jonze and Lance Bangs documentary, Tell them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak which premiered on HBO tonight- and I HIGHLY recommend!!! I cried and we all gave him a standing ovation.

that's right...just a casual chat with Sendak and Jonze...

Visting printing goody shop little otsu in San Fransisco and getting this Apak panda card!

Seeing this Irving Penn exhibition at the Getty museum

picture via The Getty

Going to the brand new giant Japanese mall, New People and visiting the Baby the Stars Shine Bright the gothic lolita look and hope the mall will be filled with cute stationery/food/accessories!

AAAA!!! I had to amend this post because I'm most super SUPER excited about finally seeing Katy, of Daughter Earth fame, after wayyy too long!! yay!

quilt via Daughter Earth's Etsy site

See you soon!


  1. Wow! that sounds like tons of fun! I, too, am disappointed about you not getting to go to Hello Kitty's birthday bonanza...Sanrio is the rizzle!