Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Graphic reads

Lately all I've been into reading is graphic novels. Luckily the library down the street from me has a great section and apparently few geeks like me in the area because the section is always pretty full. I became obsessed with Julie Doucet after reading her 365 days, basically a journal of a year in life, working, traveling and just dealing with everyday things.

I picked up Skim, by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by cousin Jillian Tamaki and was blown away. The coming of age story is so honest, and the illustration and perspectives are so beautiful that I read it over and over again. I want to get my hands on all of Jillian's work now.

The Impostor's Daughter, a true story of a journalist and her relationship with her father and her unraveling read like a thriller and was absolutely satisfying. These are due soon, so I'll have another batch to get wrapped up in and hopefully get inspired to start on my own.

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