Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great vintage finds...

When I went home I was able to do a little thrift store shopping, it's typically a better selection and less picked over there. I got this cute Koala hanky, a silk geisha scarf (that looks very Diane Fres or Zandra Rhodes to me but has no tag) and a fish print Liberty House for Malia dress. Liberty House was a department store based in Honolulu and the quality of the dress and cotton fabric is gorgeous, it was my best find and has me even more excited for summer! Any time I go to second hand shops I always end up with a pile of prints, it's inevitable.....


  1. Wow Lysney! The design on the koala hankie is by old school Australian artist Ken Done (I believe - correct me someone if I'm wrong), and was an incredibly popular Australian souvenir for tourists in the 80's. Most commonly as a scarf. How cool are you!!!!

  2. Hi Steph! that is so cool to know!! I looked up his website thank you!