Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Woodblock class

Saturdays I have woodblock class and a few students were nice enough to let me take pics of the process. If you want to learn more about the tools and process this book by Rebecca Salter is really great. There are very few woodblock printers actually left, because other printmaking process are easier and less time consuming, but David Bull is a still a prominent printer who has great info on his site, including a web cam where you can watch him at work.

Carving the block with the knife

For the printing process, first you wet the block, then dab on Nori, a paste to set the pigment, and the chosen color pigment on the block and then pounce it in with a marubake brush

The paper is laid flat on top of the pigmented block...

and a baren is used to rub the paper....

peel off the paper and voila! here's the print.

You need lots of cups with water, hake brushes, and Starbucks of course.

My tools from Baren Mall came!! Love the packaging!

This is Woody, my new baren: you use him to do the actual print by rubbing it against the paper. This was a very inexpensive plastic model because the amazing bamboo covered ones can be several hundred dollars.

My teachers tools. Its crazy the difference amazing quality and sharpening skills make.....he let me use them and the wood just peeled off like butter!
My new freshly carved panda block
with watercolor and nori brushed in...

1st try with block....

yay!!!! i love this little guy! I'm still having issues but i love how it picked up the wood grain and he's such a cute happy panda. I'm taking it as a success....Next class we have to make a "kaleidoscope" print and print multiple times to 1 page so they become layered with different colors.

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