Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couch lust

I found out that we're leaving our apartment of 3 years...which is scary but great, we currently have a roommate and get to finally "be alone" and not in a teeny studio like when we first moved here! Have I mentioned the amount I've accumulated and collected in those 3 years? that's the scary part... anyway, I'm already dreaming up new spaces and decor! Especially art for the walls. On the way home I saw this couch....and am dreaming to drag it up the stairs and cover it....which lead to the couch lust and these gorgeous Etsy art pieces.

Street couch

French poppies painting (I want this one!!!)

Red Victorian couch and wallpaper photo



  1. what a fun loving post. i love your work and appreciate you stopping by my blog and letting me know about betsey johnson's apartment. where in texas are you from? i grew up there and went to school at Texas Tech.
    i will be back for more.

  2. Great finds! I was lured to your blog by your blog name and then fell in love with you banner and all the other illustrations. They're so unique and cute!

  3. I've had a half finished couch post going for a while! This inspired me I should finally post it! I love that couch on the street! I've been looking for one on craigslist forever! :)
    That one is gorgeous.

    Man the only thing I love more than couches - is painting of couches! :)