Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Five: Must see summer art shows

1. MoCCA Art Festival 2009 - a fundraiser for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, but held at the Lexington Avenue Armory; a huge exhibit of artists, sketchers, animators, indie comics and more- I mean, just look at the poster! June 6th and 7th.

2. Also currently and, actually, at MoCCA through August 23rd, is a retrospective of David Mazzucchelli, a comic artist who started at Marvel working on Batman in the 80s and moved into the less glamorous but more personal indie comic world. He was actually in one of my classes at SVA- you know how you'll be in class and there's always a superstar the teacher adores and everyone else is struggling? Well, he's the superstar. Mazzucchelli's new work, a graphic novel called Asterios Polyp, looks really exciting - I can't wait to see it and get to know his older work.

3.Giant Robot NY - One of my favorite little galleries because of it's laid back vibe, cute shop items, and back issues of it's awesome magazine. Check out the new exhibit Panelists: Comic Artists on the Wall through June 24th.

4. Society of Illustrators -Earlier this year I posted about Yoko Furosho, a favorite artist of mine and a really nice girl. She was featured in The Society of Illustrators annual student competition, along with many talented upcoming illustrators you should check out to say you knew them when- through June 6th.

Petals in the water by Yoko Furosho

5. American Folk Art Museum- I already loved Henry Darger's collaged and traced outsider art illustrations following his fictional 15,145 page story about the Vivian Girls, but seeing the actual pieces is stunning. I didn't realize how large they would be, or how dreamy the use of his colors were until I visited Up Close: Henry Darger - though September 6th.

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