Sunday, June 7, 2009

MoCCA love part 2: artist cards!

The thing I love about festivals like this is that even when you are all out of money, people are still giving out full color business cards, postcards (great for framing for cheap art!) and stickers all for free, and helping me remember who I really liked. I've spent several hours admiring their websites and trust me, they are well worth your time to check out!

leaves by Mark Burrier

Center for Cartoon Studies postcard by Sean Ford

Illustration for My Mommy is in America and met Buffalo Bill by Emile Bravo

-Martina Fuggazzotto's work can be found at one of my favorite print sites, Charmingwall, or over at her super bright page
-Stephanie Yue
is a RI based artist who does adorable children's work and these great mice!

I've been looking into printing business cards, so I'm quite keen on seeing what's out there right now, and what graphics work or don't in such a small space. The Twinkletoes Gang is deep pressed and came in an array of colors on thick creamy paper- very nice. Graphic black and white penguin card by Thomas Baehr- cutest graphic novel ever! I think the Comics Bakery is my favorite though, I love curved edges right now and the sweet sepia colors work so well.

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