Saturday, June 6, 2009

MoCCA part 1: Kate T Williamson

I was surprisingly overwhelmed by the many great exhibitors at MoCCA art festival this weekend, it's just rows and rows of booths with graphic novels,comics, pins, cards etc. so it feels very personal when you're at an artist's booth, right in front of them, flipping through their work, and either you put it down and obviously weren't captivated...or you love it and start a conversation with the artist. Luckily the latter happened with one of my new favorite illustrators I was meant to meet, Kate T Williamson. Her beautiful graphic novel is called "A Year in Japan" with humorous writing and watercolor illustrations of a year documented there when she was granted a fellowship. Kate was super friendly, wrote me a beautiful inscription, and *gasp* has authored books about Hello Kitty!!!! whatt??? How have I not started her fan club yet??!

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  1. Wow! I am loving thses japanese images! Speaks so much of their culture, the socks, the 1000 cranes...