Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday's Five: Supplies

Every artist and crafter needs motivation and inspiration, but when you have all that and you're still stumped?? fresh supplies always do the trick! whether you work with paper crafting, (i'm so into all the paper cut artists out there right now) mixed media work, traditional oils, or quilting these sites will have something to ease your supply cravings.

1. Paper Presentation: This store on 18th street in NY makes me giddy. it's beautifully set up, well picked items, and i always leave with a goodie or two. you can see why....they have portfolios, organizers, scrapbooking, journals, business card and invitation paper galore, the coolest cards i've ever seen (i used one of their vintage fabric thank you card sets for an interview follow up and ended up getting the job - uh huh, all the card's doing!)
photo via Paper
2. Denyse Schmidt Quilts: Not only are her quilts astonishing, but she'll share her knowledge and scraps with you! Denyse has a book, does workshops, and sells scrap bags and kimono pieces. Her website is great to get lost in.

images via Denise Schmidt

3. By now I'm sure most people have seen Matte Stephens incredibly cute needle felt animals. Check out this lady, too, YuYu Art who did the adorable kokeshi doll images below. If you want to try yourself, I found out through Felting Crafts on Crafts that has a needle felt starter kit! It's inexpensive, too!

images via Matte Stephens website

images via YuYu Art Etsy website

4. The Baren Mall: haha, yes I had to put some woodblock supplies up! In case you have a hankering to carve and print, or even have one made for you....

pictures via Baren mall
5. Joann Fabric and Craft: are you kidding me, you say? this is too obvious!! funny story- I worked there for 4 years!!! high school and part of college- it was the longest job I've had at one company! It was a great work environment, talking to the little old lady quilters- and the advice they have??? Priceless, and they'll talk your ear off. Bonus?? 50% off online coupon! enter promo code TTF120 at checkout.
Fun scrapbooking supplies! image via


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  2. I agree with you, there's nothing like a bunch of new supplies to get the engine going! And how lucky of you to be in NY and have such wonderful places to shop! Thanks for introducing Paper Presentation! I think I'd go mad in that store! If I ever go to NY I'm gonna stop there! My husband says "Oh NO!" whenever we're in California and I mention Paper Source. I go there everyday and spend hours filling my shopping basket! He he! :) Lucky for him we don't have one in Hawaii.