Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Urban Outfitters: crafty like a fox?

I guess this turned out to be supply week, which is great because supplies are one of my biggest inspirations! I was strolling through Urban Outfitters yesterday and came across a lovely little envelope/ stationery set which I saw was designed by Denyse Schmidt, who I just posted about last Friday. I went to their website hoping to find more and what I found entire sewing and craft section?? They're selling sewing kits, Built by Wendy patterns, dead stock trims, Singer sewing machines (vintage looking, of course) and "blank" clothing as your canvas to embellish. I was a little surprised, but I guess the DIY-ers out there are largely their demographic, so why not? You just know everything will be going on sale, and I'd love to snatchup that block printing kit..... hehe.
pictures via Urban


  1. Oh dear, I'll probably have to go shopping now. That looks like such fun!

  2. Oh I love Urban Outfitters! I wish we had one here in Hawaii! They have the coolest stuff!