Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pocketful of ewe

Katy of Daughter Earth recently turned me on to a wonderful illustration publication called Pocketful Illustration Magazine. Haven't heard of it? It's such a cool idea- they throw out a theme and get submissions from illustrators who aren't well known and do twice a year issues using printing on demand and sell it on Amazon . This is the 3rd issue and the theme is "Draw me a Sheep." Now of course the first thing I think of is knitting and wool and needles and sheared sheep, and this book, A New Coat for Anna , a favorite of mine when I was young about a mother going through the entire process of making her little girl a coat.

Gorgeous illustrations of the wool turned to thick flowing yarn, and picking fresh berries for the red dye are exactly why this book has stayed with me in my head!

And here's my submission, now their site (yay!):

hmmm....it's a little freaky, I swear I haven't seen that book in years until I just pulled it up on Amazon, and the colors of the cover and my illustration, I didn't play around with them at all, that was the 1st colorway that came into my mind.......

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