Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I heart Earth Day!

Hi there, happy Earth Day! I've been trying to think of some resolutions for this year. I'll be very honest and tell you I'm not the best at recycling- I have no bins for glass, paper etc. However, I do hold on to everything, (buttons, paper scraps, magazines)and will try to reuse them more in my illustrations. I'm going to organize my supplies so I wont think I'm out of something and buy a new one! I'm going to use both sides of the paper especially when I'm just printing to see how colors or layout comes out. I also pledge not to buy clothing from certain low end retailers that use unfair labor, poor fabric and generally cheap quality in hopes to save a buck. According to the Environment Select Committee, textile waste has risen 23% in 5 years. This is partially because the mostly man made, unnatural fabric these stores are using cannot be recycled, and since the clothes are such poor quality, they're often thrown away quickly. I also hate how the prints and design are frequently ripped off because of their uber fast turn around- so not fair! How about you guys, any plans for going greener this year?? Need something to wear around town while you hug trees? Try Daughter Earth! Run by my good friend Katy, this is a clothing line I fully support- they have amazing soft organic bamboo tees, totes and accessories, and a portion of proceeds are donated to various nature and animal organizations so you'll look très chic while being très green!

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  1. Happy earth day!! Yep i do have plans to go green this year! :) I started with not using plastic bags and use mainly handmade bags for my hrocery shopping! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!