Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moleskine fiend

I never really understood why this brand of seemingly regular notebooks has such a cult following. But then I saw this video by Juan Berrio and was completely inspired, and started searching for other Moleskine using artists...of which there are many, many, and even more many. You must, MUST take a look at the video- it is just incredible.

I found a new favorite illustrator, Badaude, and fell in love with her hand done typography, fashion musings and illustrations, and fantastic scenes of Paris. J'adore her!!

Moleskine page from Illehell, on Flickr....the set is an a-z of cities worldwide, but I had to post my hometown, Houston!

This is a set of 3 Moleskines I bought for me and my two friends so I would finally have a sketch book to use in the subway, and because they are so wonderful and thoughtful, that I owed them some pen pal love. The girl in the top left corner I drew from a Depression era photo found in the Library of Congress's Flickr photostream. Best resource ever. I drew the Alexander McQueen dress for Jen, who was also a huge fan, and finally, a sun bear lamp/upholstered living room scene with a Daughter Earth wall hanging for Katy, of Daughter Earth. That may sound weird, but read her blog, and you'll understand. I'm off to finish my drawings for the invites...and start filling up pages of round cornered inspiration!

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