Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News and updates and whatnot

Well first, I've been working on my portfolio, trying to get more sequential images in there and all. Here's one from a series I've been working on about a girl and her mom.

Lynsey Hirth - click to enlarge

I guess my biggest news, though, is that I recently got engaged and am now planning the wedding, which, knock on wood, has been great so far. I made these save the dates that said,
"Don't be sketchy, save the date!" Yes, there's a bit of an art theme to the wedding...but not overly cheesy...hopefully I can restrain myself. I'll be posting my ideas for the invites soon...I can't decide on what to go with!

Lynsey Hirth
I am also terribly upset over the loss of Alexander McQueen. His work was a huge inspiration to me since design school, and I've seen his garments in person and been blown away by the craftsmanship. These are a few of my favorite fashion illustrations inspired by his designs:

Beautiful jester drawing by Kuanth

Gorgeous twin dresses by Sandra Suy

An ethereal McQueen dream sequence via Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre

and of course, the adorable Fifi Lapin in her British best
My favorite ever look of McQueen's, from Spring 2005, hat by Philip Treacy, that I will try and draw very soon.

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